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    More than 10 years of precipitation technology, make full use of and inheritance of the existing technological achievements. Sign to institutions have involved in the industry and has a common principle to set up the standard database. We will promote standardization of non-standard equipment to equipment development. Improve the production efficiency, shorten the delivery cycle, more can guarantee the reliability of the equipment.

    Sheng jie has a high quality, high efficiency, and for many years engaged in non-standard automation equipment research and development and production of engineering and technical team, providing customers with engineering design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, technical training and so on a full range of automation solutions.

    Pre-sale: according to customers to provide samples, in-depth understanding of customer needs, provide free feasibility scheme, including design support and budget analysis; < br / > sale: reasonable arrangement of production, the entire journey quality control, the control production progress, ensure the delivery time; < br / > after-sale: for every customer to provide perfect after-sales service; Specialist technical tracking, let you after all.

    According to the technological requirements of enterprise customers tailored design, custom non-standard automation machinery and equipment, its operation is convenient, flexible, and not a single, functions can be added according to user requirements, and the can change the room is big. We are now involved in the industry have electronics, hardware construction, automobile, office supplies, medical, toys, plastics, visual inspection, etc.

    Dongguan Shengjie Automatic Mechanical Technology Co., Ltd.

       Was founded in 2010, is located in town - shijie town, dongguan city, guangdong province sank after years of development and technology

    Lake, the company has developed into a professional engaged in non-standard automation equipment research and development, production, sales for the integration of technology companies, and have certain popularity in the industry.

           SAN jie has a high quality, high efficiency, and for many years engaged in non-standard automation equipment research and

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      • 2018 Shengjie Automation Zhangjiajie Happy Journey

        As the world's first high-altitude glass bridge, the world has shown another miracle in the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon. Take a few pictures and see.The beauty of the phoenix does not need to be said.

      • What is the success of the order?

        In mid- January 2018 , I chatted with a Shandong customer through Ali Wangwang online.The customer sent the drawings and the product process requirementsAfter evaluation by our techniciansCan do

      • 2017 National Day holiday notice

        During the holiday period, you will not be able to handle all kinds of business.Happy National Day!Dongguan Shengjie Automation Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.September 26, 2017

      • 2017 Spring Festival holiday notice

        To ensure that your business is not affected during the Spring Festival holiday, please make arrangements in advance. Congratulations to everyone happy new year !

      • Job Offers

        Recruitment position:1. (3) , Salary: face meeting3.(2) Familiar with the Internet, proficient in various network promotion skills, and experience in network marketing is preferred;